$55/hour. Room design flat-fee also available depending on your needs. We’ll move at your pace, and your budget. 


Design Consultations

Think of me like the friend that tells you when you have spinach in your teeth – except it's that your rug is too small and your curtains are hung improperly. We'll nail down your aesthetic and sort out your priorities for furnishing and decorating your space at your tempo. 



There's a lot of ugly stuff out there – or overpriced, or the wrong size, wrong color.  I'll cut through the junk and hunt down the right pieces for your space. Buy right the first time and you'll only cry once. I’ll send you directly to the source so there’s no middle-man markups.


Interior Styling

If you have the fundamentals under control, we'll make a plan for styling with what you already have. Re-arranging, accessorizing, and hiding that gifted piece of art that you hate. Your secret's safe with me.